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Building a Legacy Foundation

Contact: Ruth Bosse 218-367-2809

Henning Boy Scouts

Contact: Grant Smith 218-583-2869 [email protected]

Henning Cub Scouts

Contact: Scott Hart 218-583-2746 or Mick Froslee [email protected]

American Legion

Contact: Elizabeth or Mick Froslee 218-769-4409 [email protected]

Military Memorial Park

Contact: Bill Goepferd 218-583-4719

Henning Lions

Contact: Wayne Hilchen 217-254-9701

Henning CHAT

Contact: Annette Wigert or Donna Smith [email protected]

Henning HOPE

Contact: Erin Weiss 320-204-4922

Henning PTO

Contact: Elizabeth Froslee 218-769-4409 or [email protected]

Henning ECFE

Contact: Laura Smith 218-583-2927

Henning Rod and Gun

Contact: Mike Helle 218-548-6200

Henning Airport

Contact: Brenden Markuson 218-583-2402