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TH108/Douglas Avenue Project

MnDOT has partnered with Henning for a total reconstruction project on Trunk Highway 108 (TH108) in 2024.
The project will address pavement concerns, pedestrian accessibility (ADA) requirements, underground sewer utility infrastructure, and storm sewer needs.

Project Facts and Information

MnDOT representatives were informed of underground sewer infrastructure decades past life expectancy and in need of replacement. Due to MnDOT’s road condition and the city’s underground infrastructure needs, their project plan is to accommodate a total reconstruction from TH210 to Marshall Ave. MnDOT will not complete a total reconstruction for 50+ years following.
This is a valuable opportunity for the City to coordinate infrastructure needs and utilize MnDOT’s cost participation program. If the city waives the replacement of underground sewer during this opportunity, the city will be financial responsible to restore the drive lanes, parking lanes and sidewalks to MnDOT’s specifications; meaning a total reconstruction without MnDOT cost participation.

It’s important for Henning residents to understand that MnDOT will fund nearly the entire general fund obligated portion of the project as it is currently demonstrated.  Any deviation(s) to the parking and sidewalk widths will result in the taxpayers of Henning to be financially responsible.

The city is fortunate to have this relationship with MnDOT years ahead of the project date. This allows time for both the city and MnDOT to develop and strategize financing, design opportunities and infrastructure needs to last another 50+ years and longer.
It’s also the time for Henning to reflect on the needs of the handicap accessible, pedestrian, bicyclists, and farming community.

Grants: the City applied for a very competitive Transportation Alternatives (TA) grant January 2020 and successfully received $150,000 from MnDOT towards the general obligation portion of the project!  At this time, the preliminary general obligated (taxpayer) portion of the project is approx. $190,000.

TH108 Demonstration Project

On Sept. 14, MnDOT initiated a small-scale demonstration of proposed design features for the 2024 reconstruction. The design features were selected from an open public house meeting held Sept. 18, 2019. Note: this isn’t the final design of the project. Henning and MnDOT will host several additional open house meetings in the next two years to discuss details of the project prior to the final design to begin Spring of 2024.

Important items to note regarding the 2024 TH108 project:

    • The bump outs on the corners of some intersections are not a requirement of the project. In the next few years the public and city council will continue discussing design concepts with the city council making a final decision.
    • Each drive lane measures 12′ widths.
    • Each parking lane measures 10′ widths.
    • Sidewalk widths are scheduled to increase on each side of the street.

Be Proactive! Be Positive! Let’s plan this Together!

Other cities who’ve chosen similar improvements are: Battle Lake (2013), Alexandria (2014), Parkers Prairie (2016), Glenwood (2018) and Pelican Rapids (2020).  Visit these cities to review, walk, and visualize their final design.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Demonstration Project

West Central Initiative received a Smart Growth America grant for Art & Transportation Rapid Response. The project consists of two primary components:
1) Temporary, washable spray chalk stencils of animal paw prints to be placed on downtown sidewalks leading to the demonstrated bumpouts. The intent is to create a fun environment to encourage kids to walk and bike to school. Henning’s use will also direct kids and adults walking downtown to the demonstrated bumpout crossing locations.
2) A sculptural table located at City Hall to provide residents with a fun opportunity to provide feedback on kids walking and biking to school. The table does not have to be staffed, thus providing input following Covid-19 regulations.
Additional components would involve approval from Henning School to install artful movable barricades that can be placed in an area designated for a safe places for kids to walk and bike to school. Specifically the school parking lot when kids frequently walk to access downtown and other parts of the community.

Electric Project

Improvements to the cities electric infrastructure began September 2020 and planned through Fall 2021. Underground and overhead facilities were installed in preparation for the system voltage conversation Spring 2021. Planned outages are expected to replace equipment on the system.
The City and project contractors will coordinate the outages with the affected consumers. The City will make the public aware of the system wide outage for the voltage conversion cutover once schedules have been firmed up.

Locating is being completed by Arvig Communications. Arvig will restore excavated surfaces by preparing the ground for spring seeding.

Airport Projects

Improvements to the cities airport:

  • 2020-2021 Above ground fuel tank replacement
  • 2020 Relocation of fence

All projects receive cost participation grant funding from MnDOT Aeronautics.