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Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1-4 P.M. Saturday 10-2 P.M.

The original Landmark House was built in 1914, expanded in 1948, and served as residence And medical clinic for doctors A.J. Lewis, Charles Lewis, Jay Kevern, and Jon Wigert. In 2006 the building was acquired by the City of Henning, and restored with a generous gift from the Espeland Family Foundation. In 2009 it opened as the Henning Landmark Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the Arts and other community activities.

Recently, Director Dan Broten has submitted to be placed on the MN State Historic Preservation list.

The Landmark Center has an official website with events and further information about this wonderful historic venue in our City!
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Wayne Hilchen


Dan Broten

City Representative

Gaylord Anderson


Paula Wentz

Board Members

Mike Rowe - Deb Heifort - Cheryl Houselog - Terry Oscarson - Dr. Jon Wigert - Russel Juvrud


Membership prices are $20 for individuals and $30 for couples. As a member you may also receive discounts on upcoming events. Another way to actively participate is to volunteer. We are looking for folks who might like to man the reception desk for a few hours a month. Also, if you have a particular area of interest, we would love to have you become a member of a committee. Some of our committees will be: Membership, Finance, Policies, Museum, Programming and Visual Arts. We hope that you’ll join us! If any of these things interest you call Dan at 548-5760.

There are fees for private use of the Landmark Center, however, we encourage any non-profit organizations to use our facilities for their meetings and gatherings without cost. To learn more, contact Dan at 548-5760 or e-mail us. You can also check out the Landmark Center Website.