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Evaluating a Business Opportunity: Before investing in a potential business opportunity, successful entrepreneuers, franchisees, and business purchasers must evaluate the potential success of the business venture. The internet, your local state/federal/city offices, white papers, research material, etc. are excellent resources to tap into when evaluating a business opportunity. Personal interviews can add furtehr dimension to your evaluation.

Licenses and Permits – international, federal, and state: Most business ventures are required to secure licenses and/or permit to operate. Such licenses or permits can be required under international, federal, state, or local rules. The SBA provides an excellent resource for review of potentially applicable international and federal regulations. In addition, you can find information regarding applicable state regulations by business type or product offered at the state website.

Zoning Permit/Site Plan Review: All business establishments are subject to local land use (i.e. zoning) regulations. Please contact the Henning Public Works Supervisor at [email protected] or City Clerk at [email protected] for more information.

Conditional Use Permit: If a proposed business is classified as a ‘conditional use’ within the applicable zoning classification, a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) must be issued. A CUP requires a public hearing and notification to neighboring property owners.

Home Occupations: Businesses being operated out of home offices, homes, garages, and/or accessory structures may require a permit. Additional information is available by contacting Henning City Hall at [email protected]

Site Plan Approval: Nearly all business establishments need to have a site plan approved. This process reviews how the applicable structure(s) will be placed on a parcel and related issues, including but not limited to signage, off-street parking, stormwater management, and landscaping. Please contact the Henning Public Works Supervisor at [email protected] for additional information on the site plan process.

Zoning/Building Permit: The City of Henning requires persons contemplating construction, reconstruction, repair, enhancement, etc. to file for a zoning/building permit. Once a zoning permit is issued, the project can begin. Please contact City Hall at 218-583-2402, Public Works Supervisor at [email protected] or City Clerk at [email protected]
For assistance in determining what licenses, permits, reviews, etc. you will need to operate a business in Henning please contact the City Hall, 218-583-2402.


City of Henning Business Assistance:

City of Henning provides low interest business subsidies for qualifying businesses and has a number of tools to provide financial assistance to qualifying new businesses or business expansions. Upon filling out the application form, we would schedule a meeting to discuss the available tools for your specific project and work with you to determine which tools best meet your needs.
Click here to download the city’s business assistance application form.

Development Resources:

  1. Local
    a. First National Bank of Henning, Ottertail and Battle Lake – Your Local Lenders Contact Josh Rud, 218-583-2933
    b. Henning Area Economic Development Association revolving loan fund Henning Business Criteria and Application
    c. Tax increment financing
    d. Tax abatement

  2. Regional
    a.  West Central Initiative of Fergus Falls – Funding Sources – Contact Greg Wagner, 800-735-2239
    Finance assistance for targeted industries including value-added agriculture, natural resource-based manufacturers and industries utilizing technology in manufacturing processes. Financing up to $250,000.
    b.  Otter Tail County Community Development Agency – Tax Abatement & Funding Sources – Contact Amy Baldwin, 218-998-8050

  3. State and National
    a.  Veteran Entrepreneur Portal: Resources about financing and business development for veterans.
    b.  Minnesota Investment Fund: Low-interest loan program from the state, which grants money to the city, which in turn lends money to the business at a negotiated rate, typically 1% – 4%. Dollar amount of loan is based on number of jobs created at certain wage thresholds, up to $500,000
    c.  Greater MN Job Expansion Fund: The Greater Minnesota Job Expansion Program provides tax benefits to businesses located in Greater Minnesota that increase employment.
    d.  Minnesota Angel Tax Credit: Provides a 25-percent credit to investors or investment funds that put money into startup companies focused on high technology, new proprietary technology, or a new proprietary product, process or service in specified fields.
    e.  MN Job Creation Fund: The Job Creation Fund provides financial incentives to new and expanding businesses that meet certain job creation and capital investment targets.
    f.  USDA Business Loans and Grants: The USDA has a variety of loan and grant programs available to businesses, many specific to particular industries. For example, the Rural Business Intermediary Relending Program has up to $250,000 available at a negotiated interest rate between 1-4%. Can be used for land, building, equipment, working capital, feasibility studies, interest, and fees for professional services.
    g.  MN Small Business Development Center (SBDC) – Contact [email protected] or 218-299-3037
    h.  Small Business Association – How to Start and Grow Your Business
    i.  MN Department of Economic Development (DEED) – Starting a Business
    j.  MN Department of Economic Development (DEED) – Financing a Business
    k.  MN Department of Economic Development (DEED) – Locating in Minnesota